What's up this Time
Sitting in Stockholm, Sweden and getting ready for the next flight. You can check this out
by the beautiful screenshots from Google Earth. There are the actual position, a route
overview with flown waypoints, departure and destination airport. Click images to enlarge.
The actual position
The complete route
View from Munich
View from Stockholm
Munich airport
Munich airport different views and heights
Arlanda airport
Stockholm, Arlanda airport different views and heights
You can download the saved folder with all fixes and load it with Google Earth. It's pretty cool to use the "play tour" function and watch the real thing with Goolge Earth. If you don't use it yet, you can download Google Earth here for free.

The very first flight from EDDM (Munich, Germany) to ESSA (Stockholm, Capitol of
Sweden) is done. It was a quite flight with typical November weather for this area. Some
of the enroute traffic came really close. Please find further Informations and plenty of
screenshots below. You can download the flight documents as a zip archive. It contains
flightplans (.pln, .fsn & .pdf), fuel planner and load manager screens, SID chart,
FMC route and area maps.

Flight Documents


Basic Flight Informations
EDDM, Terminal 2
Sunday, November 13, 2005, 10:05z
Wind: 080/08kt
Visibility: 1/4 miles
Sky Condition: Ceiling 300 Overcast
Temperature: 2°C
Dewpoint: 2°C
QNH: 1021 HPa
Active Runways: 08L, 08R
Departure: SID MIK 3 Q
Estimated Time Enroute: 1:50
Aircraft: PMDG Boeing 737-600 (2D-Panel)

Screenshot Area
Cockpit Preraration
Starting Engines
Taxi Out
Take Off
Climb Out
Top of Climb - Cruise
Top of Descent - Descent
Final Approach
Taxi In
Aircraft Shutdown
Secure Aircraft
Cockpit Preparation
Parking position 314 at Terminal 2, the regular position of SAS airlines at EDDM. Cold and dark cockpit.
Overhead Panel - BAT ON Cockpit comes alive NAV Lights ON
Starting Engines
ENG 1 winding up Both Engines are stable Ready for Pushback
Taxi Out
On Taxiway D1 Terminal 2 operated by LH Taxiway O2 to Exit N4 Taxiway N to RWY 08L
Passing Terminal 2 Passing Terminal 1 Approaching RWY 08L Need to fall in line
Waiting for Take Off One by one they go
Take Off
Position and Hold Cleared for Take Off Take Off thrust set Proceeding SID MIK 3 Q
Climb Out
As described with SID MIK 3 Q, fly to MIQ NDB at FL70 ATC cleared FL290 Approaching FL290
Approaching ALB VOR Air Malta is passing by That's really close Weather is clearing up
Top of Climb - Cruise
Reached CRZ FL370 Good day - sunshine Traffic at 5, FL310 Route turn at BAMKI
Passing Frankfurt area Still some WPTs to go Say hi to A320-300 Leaving clouds behind
Sun bathing Passing Berlin area Fuel consumption is fine Approaching Baltic Sea
Fly over Baltic Sea Approaching WPT NONSA Getting cloudy again Welcome to Scandinavia
Ryanair is passing by Nice cloud formations Contrails at FL370 Realistic water colour
Camera is coming up I Camera is coming up II Camera is coming up III Instruments check done
Finair is passing by Say hi to the crew Look at the details NAV Lights are working
Second choice exit ;-) Nice ass Thank god, gear is up Engine fans in motion
11 NM to RASMU Turn right to HDG 036° Turn at RASMU Level wings for HDG 036°
Top of Descent - Descent
Descending to FL280 It's getting cloudy AOA -2.2° ATC cleared FL240
Cleared for FL 140 Here comes the wall It doesn't look good Good bye sunshine
Getting closer Approaching FL180 Left forward view Left view
Right view, PNF missing Getting closer... and closer... even closer...
Ready for diving in Approaching FL140 Almost diving in Look at those clouds
Looks really pretty To bad, no more clouds Looks clear in the far Cleared to FL100
Descending to FL100 Leaving the clouds there Wrong QNH & altitude
Descend & maintain 9000 Approaching Stockholm Nice cloud formations FL90 at 230 KIAS
Receiving Localizer and clearance to 6000 Approaching 6000 FL60 at 210 KIAS
Sunset at Noon Approaching Stockholm Flying over Stockholm Turn to downwind leg
Nice weather for final Turn to base leg Assigned altitude 5000 HDG 95°, altitude 3000
Intercept heading 155° 175 KIAS, Flaps 5 Approaching LOC Capture Capturing Localizer
Final Approach
Localizer captured Glide Slope alive GS captured, RWY in sight Gear is down, 3 green
Flaps 30 Ready for landing wierd ILS localizer MCP configured for G/A
Cleared for Landing 19R 3 miles out Ice Air is taking off Almost there
View from the tower On the glide path A little high, still wierd Inner marker passed
Flaring and touch down Brakes & Revers Thrust Rollout to RWY Exit Leaving RWY
Taxi in
Retract Flaps, taxi to gate Autobrake off, APU start On taxiway Zulu ESSA - Stockholm
Boeing 737-700 Taking over Going to the Terminal 3 Almost at the gate 39
Moving to parking position Ladies and Gentleman... In parking position Parking Brake set
Aircraft Shutdown
Start to shutdown ENG Check EICAS and ENG Idle ENG 1 fuel cutoff ENG 2 fuel cutoff
Observing ENG down Engines are down Beacon off etc. Good parking
Passengers leaving Airline collegues Thai Air in the background
Secure Aircraft
External lighs off Battery off Aircraft secured